Friday, October 13, 2017

New School Year, New Hockey Movie

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The 2016 - 2017 school year found my class and Mr. Racosky's 4th grade class collaborating on a hockey movie. The process was long, difficult, and stressful at times, but the end result was phenomenal!  The students in both classes learned so much and became good friends. Many of the students, staff, and parents who saw the movie asked, "Is there going to be a sequel?"  At the time, I was so mentally exhausted from everything related to our movie, that I couldn't even think about doing another one.  

Over the summer, I had time to relax, reflect, and think about our hockey movie and the possibility of a sequel.  As the summer drew to a close, I talked with Mr. Racosky.  The conversation went like this:

Me: "I know everyone keeps asking for a sequel, but I don't want to do a sequel.  I think that would limit the students' creativity."  (Since voice and choice is a HUGE component of project based learning, I really didn't want to do limit anything for them.)  "However, it would still be fun to make another hockey movie and see where this year's classes take it." 

Mr. R:  "We can do a prequel!  All about Mrs. Lynch in the Olympics!"  (If you saw the movie - link up above - you'll understand why Mr. Racosky said that.)

Me: (while laughing,)  "No, not about Mrs. Lynch in the Olympics, but an Olympic themed hockey movie could be fun!  Especially since the winter Olympics are coming up this February."

We agreed to get our classes together the last Friday in September to see if they a) wanted to make a movie and b) if they wanted it to be a hockey movie.

As my students walked into Mr. Racosky's room, they were a little intimidated by the 4th graders.  (Same thing happened last year!)  That quickly eased up.

The first thing I did was ask the students who didn't see the movie to stand up.  There were a few.  I explained to them what we did last year.  I then turned to both classes and said, "Think about this for a minute.  Don't answer until I tell you to.  Do you want to make a movie this year?"  Everyone said yes!  I then asked if they wanted it to be a hockey movie.  ALMOST everyone said yes.  There were a couple who said no.  (A similar thing happened last year.  Within a month, they were all about it being a hockey movie.)
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I told the students I had another thing I wanted them to think about, but they wouldn't be answering it that day.  It will definitely be awhile before this question is answered.  The winter Olympics are coming up.  One of the events is hockey.  Perhaps their movie could be an Olympic themed movie.  I talked  a little bit about what the Olympics are and then showed them this cool Olympic videoThat really got the students pumped!  

I proceeded to tell them about my favorite hockey player, TJ Oshie of the Washington Capitals.  I told them how he was part of the US Hockey team in 2014.  Mr. Racosky chimed in about Oshie's role on the team when the USA played Russia.  He brought up a shootout video to show the kids.   (I can't find the exact one he used, but it might have been this one.)  I can tell you that every time Oshie was up, the students started chanting, "OSHIE! OSHIE! OSHIE! OSHIE!"  Mr. Racosky and I were CRACKING up!  Needless to say, they were very excited.
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One of the things I love about using hockey to teach different areas of the curriculum is all of the authentic math that comes with it!  Just as I did last year, I showed my students the game stats from one of the Caps' games.  We went over what all of the columns mean.  We looked at the numbers. They told me what stood out for them.  I had students model some of the things I talked about.  They would have done that all day if I had let them! Here are 2 pictures I took!

I promise you they are smiling! :-) 

We are going to continue looking at hockey stats throughout the year!  

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Last year was a year of firsts:
First time doing a movie as our project.
First time learning a whole lot about hockey. (I watch hockey, but my knowledge was limited at that point in time.)
First time trying to teach hockey.  (I am not athletic!)
First time working on a project with another grade level.

Mr. Racosky and I learned a lot!  Two things we learned:  1) start this project as early in the year as possible, and 2) spend more time trying to teach them how to play.

When our classes met on Friday the 13th, (oooooooooooh,) we worked on two different things.

1st and 4th graders worked in groups of 2 or 3 on a writing assignment.  Each student had to write their goal or goals for the year.  They also added a "puck" to their writing which serves as a reminder to work hard in order to accomplish your goal.  The students got to decorate their pucks.

Here are some pictures of them working together!

Mrs. Racosky (yes, she works at our school too and is my awesome co-teacher,) helping 3 students with their goals!

Afterwards, Mr. Racosky took them in the hallway and worked with them on hitting the puck.

Mr. Racosky is showing them what NOT to do!

Listening intently! 

Here's the lineup! 

Mr. Racosky showing them how to line up their bodies and where to put their hands on the hockey stick.

Someone got it in the goal.  They were excited!

It was a super fun day!  Can't wait until we meet again next Friday! 

Have a great weekend! :-)


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Pirate Day 2017

Funny Pirate quotes
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Arrgh mateys!  It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  I've been celebrating Pirate Day since 2014.  I think I've perfected it!
(My apologies - I did not write a blog entry last year, but we did celebrate it!)

As always, I dressed up for the occasion!

As the kids came in my room, they all cracked up!  We had a BLAST!

Before school, I went up to the library and grabbed a ton of pirate books. 

I read one of them first thing this morning:

A Pirate's Guide to First Grade can be bought on Amazon!

I'll admit, this was one book I had never read before.  In the middle of the story, a light bulb went off in my head!  I had my students create their own pirate's guide to first grade!  They each wrote and illustrated a page.  They told me or my co-teacher what they wanted to write.  We wrote it out on a whiteboard if they needed it.

Here they are hard at work!

(That's my co-teacher at the table with them!)

To see the final product, click on this link!

When the students were done with their page, they worked on pirate missing numbers and other pirate things.  

*By the way, 3 of my kiddos wore pirate outfits today!*
 They were absolutely adorable!!!

I borrowed a co-worker's treasure chest full of *fake* gold coins.  (Thanks Barb!)  I told the students I would lock it in my room during lunch and recess so no one could take it. THEY were shocked when we came back from lunch and it was gone!  In it's place was a note - which led us on a wild goose chase around the building looking for our gold!

I can't believe I didn't take pictures of this, but we did a 5 senses writing involving pirate's booty!  It was so fun (and tasty!)

The rest of the afternoon involved lots of pirate books, labeling pirates, pirate ABC order, and watching Reading Rainbow: Sunken Treasure!

It was a such a great day!

Until next time!
~Captain Lynch~  :-)

Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy New Year! 2017-2018

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It's time for another school year!  This will be my 13th group of kiddos! :-)  This is the third school year for my deskless classroom and I love it!   As always, I'm super excited to see what this school year has in store for us!

School starts on Tuesday and I've been busy getting my room ready.  I wasn't going to have a theme for decorating this year, but that quickly changed.  I have 2 themes,  My main theme is "Rockin the Red," (something we say at Washington Capitals games.)  My other theme is a little tiki hut (which is just in my sink area.)

Here is a video tour of my room.  :-)

Here are pictures of my room.

 Hockey player Clipart came from here.
My students will be expanding on this bulletin board.  Plans include them writing their goals for the year on hockey pucks, designing their own hockey jersey, etc...

I know it's hard to see, but I actually have red garland around my door frame and door. 
I bought the garland from someone on a Facebook online yard sale.

When you walk in, you come to my comfy book corner!
I have Growth Mindset posters in three spots around my room. 
I am going to incorporate that a lot this year.  I purchased these posters from here.

More Growth Mindset posters.

A view of my book corner.

Top of 1st bookshelf
Top of 2nd bookshelf

A former teammate gave me this Washington Capitals fabric last year. 
I decided to use it and give my old stools a facelift!
This is the back of my book corner. 
I have some bath mats for flexible seating, puzzles, and three desks.

More Growth Mindset posters.
I love not having desks in my classroom!  I decided to put a doubles ten frame on the floor! 
We use them a lot at the start of the school year and I thought a life sized one would be fun for the kids!

My reading table with my desk behind it. 
Above that is the TJ Oshie poster one of my students made me last year. :-)
My tiki hut!  If you look closely, you might see some blue or green lights.
I bought those from the Dollar Tree!

You do not want to go in my closet!  That desperately needs to be organized!!!
The Partner School banneris from when the Caps organization came out last year! 
You can read about that here.

Puzzle pieces and seat cushions for soft seating!

Front of my room complete with hokki stools, bins, and promethean board! 
The board has the same garland that is on my front door.

I bought the awesome red borders from Amazon!

You might be wondering why if I have a red theme, are two of my bulletin boards blue.  In this case, the backgrounds were already blue and I wanted to keep it that way - I also didn't want to take my word wall down.  I like the red border though - it makes everything POP nicely and keeps the theme with my whiteboards as well.

There ya have it folks!  I hope you enjoyed the tour of my room!
Here's to a fabulous school year!


New School Year, New Hockey Movie

  Image from here . The 2016 - 2017 school year found my class and Mr. Racosky's 4th grade class collaborating on a hockey mov...