Friday, April 28, 2017

Eat, Sleep, Teach Hockey

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After my last blog entry, my co-worker exclaimed, "Your blog is so filled with your voice and enthusiasm!"  (Thanks Barb!!) I love what I do and I love sharing what I do!  I do my best to inspire students everyday and if I can also inspire other educators, that makes me even happier!  Teaching definitely isn't easy - otherwise EVERYONE would be doing it!

This week has been a BLAST!

First things first:  WE HAVE A TITLE FOR OUR MOVIE!!!!!

After several rounds of voting, the title of our movie is Hockey Stars Showdown!

The students and I are VERY excited!!!

Jersey Mania: On Thursday, I issued a challenge to my class and Mr. Racosky's 4th graders:  Create a jersey for each of our teams.  Our teams are the Stars and the Capitals. 

Each jersey must include the team name and team logo.  They weren't allowed to use logos from NHL teams.  They also had to take into consideration the names of the teams.  The students already knew the definition of stars, but capital was more difficult so we discussed three meanings of that word.  They also looked at jerseys from the NHL just to get an idea of what they looked like.  Then they got started! 


As of this update, most of the students are finished.  Once all of the students are done, it's voting time.  Props to Sue, Toia, and Barb for their suggestions / ideas on how the students should vote!  You ladies are awesome!

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Authentic math - the focus of professional development at my school this year.  When I did my rainforest projects, I could only do so much with math.  It was mainly related to height, length, and weight of the animals and plants.  This year, authentic math comes easily when learning about hockey and creating a movie theater!

The other day, the students started to figure out how many chairs could fit in the room that we'll be using as our movie theater.  Since then, the students picked how they were going to measure and created their templates in small groups.

Today, I told the students to look at all of their templates their group made.  They had to choose the template that would help out the best.  They took to putting each chair on top of their template to test it out.  Each group gave me their best template.   They looked closely at each other's templates.   They discussed the pros and cons of using that one as their main template.  They put the chairs on top of the templates to see how they compared.

Afterwards, I told the students that all of their templates were AMAZING.  They did what they were supposed to do - figure out a way to see how many chairs could fit in the room.  Now, they had to choose the template that would help them the most in measuring.  I made sure to tell them that just because their template isn't chosen, it doesn't mean it's a bad template.  I reiterated again how good all of the templates were.

I created a flipchart where students could come up and drag a copy of a picture to the template they were voting for.  I had the templates on the floor near the flipchart.  They were SO cute when they were coming up to vote.  They looked very carefully at the each template and thought super hard about which one would be the best measuring tool.

We now have our template.  That group whose template was chosen created a bunch more of that exact template so that we can measure next week!

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I have to brag - I am incredibly lucky!  I work with AMAZING, creative, helpful, and supportive people! They say it takes a village to raise a child and it is so true!  I've received suggestions and help from more than a dozen of my coworkers and endless support from another dozen.  We are all pieces of the same puzzle at work and their contributions have been vital to the success of this project!  I am very grateful for their helping hands!

With that, I bid you adieu!
Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed our update!

As always, you can find my previous entries about hockey here:

Enjoy your weekend! :-)


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