Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hockey update 1/31/17

Our hockey learning continues! They are dreaming BIG dreams!!!

The students are continuing to interpret game stats! Instead of verbally telling them to me, they are now writing about what they see! At first I let them write about any of the players and anything they observed. While I got some great writing from them, I'm going to change it up from here on out. I will give each student one player. They will then write about the stats for that particular player. I think that will be less chaotic for them!

The students have been BEGGING me to make a penalty box in our room. I had them work on a persuasive writing assignment yesterday. The prompt was, "I think Mrs. Lynch should make a penalty box because...." I'm still reading the answers, but several students have said that I should do it because if they don't make a good choice I can put them in there! I read that to my principal and we both had a good laugh! I definitely WON'T do that!!!

The students spent several days brainstorming possible ideas for the movie. I combined their ideas into 3 different scenarios. This morning, I read the students the 3 storylines. Then they voted for the one they like best. We graphed their results!

Our story will be about a team that is always losing. They never give up! They put in a lot off effort. They finally win a game - in a shootout! Oh, and TJ Oshie is one of the players!

The other two stories were 1) There is someone who doesn't know how to play hockey. He / she learns how to play hockey, makes the team, and scores the game winning goal. 2) A hockey player gets hurt during a game. They are scared to start playing again. With encouragement from the team, they finally feel confident enough to start playing again.

After a quick brain break, the students learned about the 7 continents. They learned a fun song to help them remember. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxQ0WLlDxvU

Then, I opened up a flipchart I made. It had a map of the world. It also had a picture of each of the Caps players. Next to their picture was their name and where they are from. I read them those pieces of information and had them tell me which continent they were from! We will have more practice with that. The students made some GREAT observations! 13 players are from North America. 5 players are from Europe, and 3 players are from Asia!

I am still working on a field trip to the ice rink. I am trying SO hard to get the class to a practice with the Caps, but I haven't heard back from anyone I've contacted yet! I am not going to give up though! I'm going to keep on dreaming my BIG dream!

If any of my readers have connections to the Caps and can make this happen, PLEASE comment below! This is the letter I've been sharing: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qV2MvuwQcfXC_XI7R_wSBRT4FFdWjE-0wnr3DC9QHlc/edit?usp=sharing

As always, thanks for reading! :-)


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