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Hockey Update 3/15/17

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My students are having so much fun and working extremely hard on their hockey project, that I haven't had enough time to update my blog.  *My apologies!* So many amazing things have happened since my last update!

Hockey measuring:
Part of our curriculum revolves around measuring using nonstandard units of measurement.  I thought it would be fun for the students to hit a hockey puck and measure how far they hit it using standard AND nonstandard units.  I took the students out in the hallway. They all had a worksheet I created with their names and space for them to record how far they hit it in feet, privacy shields, and carpet squares.  The students made guesses about the number of privacy shields and carpet squares based on what other students had!  We had a lot of fun!

Combining Classes:
My students had started brainstorming our story elements - characters, setting, problem, and solution.  (We already had the last three.)  When discussing the characters, we realized that we don't have enough students in our class to play all of the characters.   We decided to ask a 4th grade class to be part of this project with us.  (Note:  This class was already going on a field trip with us to the ice rink so it just made sense to ask them to be part of the project!)  My students wrote a friendly letter asking them to be part of the project.  I wrote my own letter to the teacher (Mr. Racosky,) with my own thoughts about it. The students signed it and we delivered the letters to them.  The 4th graders gladly accepted our invitation!  A beautiful, collaborative, friendship was born between our classes!

We currently combine classes twice a week.  The first few classes, my students and I caught the 4th graders up on everything they've already learned.  We also had the 4th graders take part in brainstorming ideas and asking questions.

The past few times we met, we've worked on our stories.  Each 1st grader is paired up with at least one 4th grader.  The students worked together to write a possible story.  Before I let them get started, I put up some chart paper with some things to remember about hockey.

I also placed my hockey books and the Caps rosters around the room for them to use when writing.  We reminded the students that each story has a beginning, middle, and an end, as well as a problem and solution.  I reminded them what our problem and solution was - there is a team that always loses, they never give up, practice hard, and eventually win!    Then they went to town.  Some pairs started writing without hesitation.  Others needed a little bit of motivation, but once they got started, it was hard to stop them.

(I have seen a lot of people mention TJ Oshie!!)  Some pairs are still writing their stories.  Others have moved on to the next stage - taking what they wrote and mapping it out on storyboards.

If you look closely at the chrome book, you'll see Oshie's picture!

I am so happy we have another class working with us.  I especially love the fact that it's an older grade.  The 4th graders are really taking my 1st graders under their wings.  It's a great sight to see.

Field Trip
I tried with all of my heart and soul to get my students on the ice with the Caps, but it didn't work.  (At least I can say I tried!)  Our classes ended up going to a local ice arena and they had a BLAST!

Trying to get ice skates on 38 students is absolutely hilarious.  I am very thankful for all of the chaperones we had helping out with that!  The chaperones were also amazing on the ice with the kids. For starters, I am THAT person who every time I went ice skating when I was a teenager, I held onto the wall as I went around the rink.  That hasn't changed a bit!  Clearly, I wasn't going to be of very much use on the ice!  The chaperones were wonderful about helping all the students.  Most of the 4th graders were pretty comfortable on the ice.  A handful of my 1st graders were *understandably* scared and nervous.  The parents (and one of our other staff members who also came,) made sure to help everyone.  Even if they didn't go far, or weren't on the ice for a long time, every student spent some time on the ice!

Every time a student fell, I gasped in fear.  They all laughed and got right back up.  (So proud of them!)  The students helped each other.  4th graders helped 4th graders.  1st graders helped 1st graders.  4th and 1st graders helped each other. (4th and 1st graders tried to help me!  Yeah, I was NOT coming off the wall!)

Some other highlights:
The penalty box  (I really wanted to get a picture of all of my students in the penalty box, but that didn't happen!)

The announcers booth  (Mr. Racosky, the 4th grade teacher, had some fun in the announcers booth!)

Zamboni!  Most of the students had no clue what a zamboni was.  The manager had our kids go in one of the other rinks and they brought the zamboni out. The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever!

In the 3rd rink were some adults that were practicing their hockey skills.  The kids went in and watched for a little bit.  It was super cute!

It was a successful field trip and pumped the kids up even more for our movie!

Penalty Boxes:
As I mentioned in my last blog update, my students have been BEGGING me to put a penalty box in the classroom.  Today was the day I let them do it.  I took a BUNCH of supplies out of my closet (toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, sandpaper, cardboard, fabric, wooden dowels, paper of various degrees of color and thickness, glue, markers, masking tape, packaging tape, bubble wrap, foil, wax paper, rulers, yard sticks, meter sticks, and paint brushes.)  I showed them EVERYTHING.  I emphasized the point that just because there is something really cool over there (like the bubble wrap,) does not mean you need to use it.  It has to serve a purpose!

After that, I separated the class into 2 groups. I told them they need to collaborate with their group.  I then told them that they need make sure they come up with a plan before taking anything.  My only other requirement was that 2 students must fit in the penalty box.  I didn't want to give them too much direction as I wanted to see what they could come up with!  The students worked for a little over 2 hours.  They aren't done yet, but I'm seeing some pretty cool things!


Thanks for hanging in for a long update! :-)
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Until next time!

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