Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hockey Project Update & Plea :-)

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For those of you new to my blog, my first grade students have been learning a lot about hockey and movies over the past few months in order to make a hockey movie.  (See the end of this post for links to my previous hockey entries.)

Here's a quick synopsis:
A science lesson about force and motion led me to compare what they were learning about to hitting a hockey puck.  After my students looked at me like I had three heads, I showed them a clip of my favorite player, T.J. Oshie from the Washington Capitals.  My students were then hooked on hockey after that! (Yes, that pun was very much intended!)

My students teamed up with a fourth grade class and have learned all about hockey and the Washington Capitals!  We took a field trip to a local hockey rink so they could experience what it's like to be on the ice.  (Most of them had never been to an ice rink before!)  They had an absolute blast!

Since then, each first grader paired up with a fourth grader or two.  Each group wrote out a possible script and then organized their ideas on storyboards.  Once everyone was done, it was time to decide which story was going to be the one we write a script about.  Since it was the end of March when all of that happened, and I had exactly 16 stories, I decided we would have a March Madness Bracket to choose our winner!

I created an ActivInspire Flipchart where I paired up two stories at a time.  (The stories are hidden under the Capitals pictures.)  I didn't attach names to make it fair. 

After viewing the two stories, I reminded the students of our theme and told them to choose the story that they thought best kept in line with our theme.  They voted using ActiVotes and the winner moved on to the next round.

Some of their stories cracked me up! Several mentioned TJ Oshie. (OF COURSE!) I also saw mention of Braden Holtby, Brett Connolly, & Daniel Winnik. One group mentioned some American Ninja Warriors. One group had me as a world famous hockey player! (That would NEVER happen!)

I'm not revealing what the winning story was, but I know it will be good!

We are currently on spring break, but when we return, the students will be learning all about script writing.  We have a lot to do and we're running somewhat short on time.  (Last day of school is June 16th and we need to show our movie before that!)

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We currently have enough hockey equipment for all of the students. (Thank you to the Washington Capitals' Hockey School for all of the equipment!)
There are other things we need though.  We would greatly benefit from the following:
Jerseys (for 2 different teams)
Anything else you think would help us with our movie!

If you are able to help, please contact me at, find me on Twitter @StaceyLynch82, or leave a comment below with your contact information.

If you can also share this blog entry with everyone, I would appreciate that as well! :-)

Thank you for all of your support throughout this project! It means the world to me!
Have a wonderful Sunday!  Happy Easter, Happy Passover, & Happy Spring!


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