Friday, January 13, 2017

Impromptu Hockey Questions

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Asking questions - such an important aspect of learning.  The more questions you ask, the more information you gather!

This morning before we started our center rotations, I gathered my students and told them how proud I was of them for all of their hard work from yesterday.  After those praises, I told them to start thinking about our story.  I explained that every story has a beginning, middle, and end.  I talked about how stories have characters and a setting.  I also told them how stories have a problem, a solution to the problem, and a climax (turning point,) to the story.

At this point, one of the students asked a question.  That had a huge snowball effect on the class!  From there, the students asked MANY questions and gave possible solutions about our movie!

How are we going to make the ice?
How are we going to make skates?
How are we going to make hockey sticks?
How are we going to make jerseys?
What will our teams be called?
How are we going to make the shoulder and knee pads?
How are we going to make the helmets?
How are we going to make the pucks?
How will we make the referee shirts?
How we will make the nets for the goals?
How are we going to make the walls of the ice rink?
How are we going to figure out who is an actor?
How can we make the fans in the stand?
How will people throw hats for a hat trick?
How will we decide who is on each team?
How can we make a penalty box?
How will we decide who is the captain of each team?

For 30 minutes, I let them ask those questions.  I recorded their questions and possible solutions.  It was amazing to hear what their brains were thinking about!  It's quite obvious that they are not only paying attention to everything, but they are RETAINING that information!  

As a teacher, I could not ask for much more than that!

Happy Friday!

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