Sunday, February 16, 2014

100th day!

After snow days, delayed openings, and holidays, we FINALLY reached the 100th day of school last Monday!

I love decorating so of course, we had to have some decorations for our 100th day of school!

I stayed late on Friday to decorate and arrived at school even earlier than I usually do to decorate the first grade hallway for the 100th day!  Here are some pictures!

First the door decorations!  I made these for my teammates.  This is what it looked like when it was inside the classroom....
Now, the rest of us had it OUTSIDE the classroom so it looked like this:

And sometimes it looked like this:

This wasn't the end of the decorations....nope....we had 100 balloons!!!!

If my coworker and I had not stayed late Friday, and if I had not come in early on Monday, the balloons would not have been up in time.  It was EXHAUSTING and I slept very well that night!  The students LOVED it!!!!!

(And in case you are wondering, yes, blue and yellow are our school colors!)

Since our 100th day, we had 2 days of school and then snow days for two days PLUS tomorrow is President's Day!  So.....5 day weekend!!!!

I'm not going to lie - I loved having this 5 day weekend, but I'm so ready for the snow and winter to be finished!  Bring on spring! Bring on warm weather! Bring on outdoor recess! :-)

Until next time!
Stacey :-)

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