Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lincoln, Valentine's Day, & Chinese New Year

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I definitely agree with what is written on the image above. 

I want my students to know as much as possible! (History, math, science, social students, etc...)
I want my students to have power - the power to make good choices and  the power to inform people of what they know!
I want my students to respect everyone.  I want them to treat others the way they want to be treated!  I want them to understand and respect different cultures, religions, and holidays.
I want my students to be happy!

Well, I can certainly tell you my students have been happy the past week!  They have been learning a lot and they are having fun while doing it!

Let's start with Abraham Lincoln.

In guided reading groups, we read A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David Adler.  We also watched a video on Discovery Edu on Abe Lincoln.  My goal?  To recreate this cute writing craft I found on Pinterest!  I did it 2 years ago but unable to last year due to numerous snow days!

The students recalled facts which I wrote down on the Promethean board for them.  The end result?

This wasn't all we did!  I also found this ADORABLE idea!
I had some fun with this!

For my students, I put a patriotic hat on their head!  Here is one of my girls!

And one of my boys!
Follow up activity?  Write about if they are taller or shorter than Abraham Lincoln! Illustrate with a picture.  :-)

I'm hoping to get to George Washington tomorrow.  (Last week was NUTS: No school Monday, snow day Tuesday, Chinese New Year celebration Thursday, 2 hour delay on Friday!)

Valentine's Day:
I previously posted about our Love Lamps that we made.  That afternoon we had our Valentine party.  My students helped me make decorations earlier that week.  (And before you ask, yes, I found the idea on Pinterest!)  Check it out!
Classroom door

Classroom door from the other side

Closet door
Of course we talked about being kind to others as well! :-)

Chinese New Year
I LOVE Chinese New Year!  Last year, my students made a HUGE dragon!  Check out my post here!  This year, we did 2 simple (but fun activities!)

First off, we read several Chinese New Year books.  I apologize for not posting the books but the names escape me and I'm writing this from home.  We also watched 2 Chinese New Year videos.  We discussed how Chinese New Year follows the Lunar calendar.  This BAFFLED their brains!  Lots of really great questions were asked!  After answering them it was time for some fun art projects!

Project #1 - firecrackers!
Step 1: Painting 112 toilet paper rolls!

Step 2: Gluing on the yellow borders.  (They were given long strips of paper which they had to measure in order to fit around the tube!)

Step 3 - threading red ribbon through the holes and tying it.  My co-teacher and I helped with this.

Step 4 - Add gold ribbon.  (My co-teacher cut and curled the ribbon and then gave it to my students to put through the holes.)

Step 5 - hang up around my room!

Yes, I FINALLY took down their Christmas lights in order to put up the firecrackers!

One of my students asked me if these were real firecrackers!  I said, "No honey, we're not allowed to do that!"  By the way, each student had 7 toilet paper rolls.

Project #2 - cute dragons!
Step 1 - trace, cut, and glue colored hands together

Step 2 - color dragon head and tail
Step 3 - glue head and tail

Step 4 - add Popsicle sticks!

My sample!
We paraded up to the office with our dragons AND firecrackers!  They loved it!

Educate my students - CHECK
Make sure they have knowledge - CHECK
Students have power to inform others - CHECK
Respecting others - CHECK
Happiness - TRIPLE CHECK!!!!

Yes, we've had a successful week!
Until next time! :-)


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