Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday - The Lorax

The Lorax - one of my favorite books!  I feel it teaches such an important lesson!  I love reading it with my students.  It fits right in with our recycling unit!

Here are some activities we did back in April when we read it:

We had a photo shoot!

Then we printed out the pictures to use on our Lorax project
 We used pastels to color in our earth!  Idea from Seusstastic!

Then the students worked in groups to create 2 murals!  They worked super hard and their murals were AMAZING!  I left them up for the rest of the year and didn't want to take them down!  I almost cried when I finally did!

 Thanks for stopping by for my Throwback Thursday post!  I'm hoping to do another one next week! :-)


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