Sunday, August 28, 2016

Start of the school year!


I apologize for not blogging in forever!
Back in June, I actually started drafting my post about our rainforest and I never finished it!  I'll try to recap it later, but for now, it's classroom reveal time!

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my students and I wanted to share my pictures with you!

Bulletin Board

Book corner

Book corner wall

To see the video tour, click here.

I am so pleased with how everything came together this year!  (Thanks to M & N for helping me!)

This is the first time I'm starting off the year without desks. (I didn't implement that until the end of September last year.)  I wanted my parents to be informed about what a deskless classroom is, alternative seating choices, how my room is run without desks, etc...  I created a letter for them.  To see that letter, click here.  To see my post about my deskless classroom from last year, click here.

I will have to update that letter as I just had a Donors Choose project funded for six hokki stools for my room! :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful school year!
Thanks for stopping by!

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