Saturday, February 10, 2018

Ice Rink Field Trip Fun!

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We FINALLY got to the ice rink for our field trip!  We were supposed to go in early January.  We had a two hour delay that day due to weather.  So I chose a date later that month.  No joke - another two hour delay.  The kids couldn't wait to go!  Between my class and the fourth grade class that went, I believe only one student had been to an ice rink before.  When they all got on the ice, this is what it looked like:

After awhile, they got the hang out of it and had a BLAST!

Here are two videos as well:

Some of my kiddos wanted a selfie with me.  Look at their wonderful smiles!

Truth:  I can't ice skate.  I've been to the ice rink before (including when I took my class last year.)  I always hold onto the wall while going around the rink.  I'm way too nervous to let go!  My students were DETERMINED to get me off the wall.  One of my girls took my hand and led me around the rink!  Bless her heart! I wish I had a picture of it or on video, but to my knowledge, no one took any.

While I'm thinking about it, thank you to Mr. R and Mrs. V for taking pictures and videos!  Thank you for sharing with me!

The students watched people practicing their hockey skills in the other rink.  Before we left, they got to see the Zamboni!

They did NOT want to leave!  One girl told me she wants to live at the rink!

When we returned to school, we celebrated the 100th day of school.  The students were split up into groups and given 100 cups.  They had to collaborate and build a structure with their cups.  That turned into them combining all of their cups to create a hockey rink.

I think they did an AMAZING job!

Our field trip was definitely worth the wait.  They all want to go back! 

The students are almost done writing their scripts.  Pretty soon, we'll choose the one we're going to use for our movie!

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