Saturday, September 6, 2014

Some musings from this week

Happy Saturday everyone!

I don't have pictures from this week (YET) but I wanted to share some JOYS from the week!

1.  Reading testing started on Tuesday.  I finished Wednesday afternoon!

2.  Reading group rotations started Thursday. The kids adjusted really quickly!

3.  I read "The Day the Monster Came to School."  As I was reading it, I acted it out. Yes, this involved me climbing on chairs, dropping supplies on the floor, screaming, etc...  The kids CRACKED up!

4.  I brought my teammate's class down after lunch as she was just getting back from running an errand.  I decided to read an Elephant & Piggie book to them. Between my voices and the story, the kids were cracking up at every page!  Their laughs make me smile and laugh!

5.  My students love the Whole Brain Teaching rules.  Once a day we stand up and recite them.  They LOVE doing it!  We do 4/5 rules but we also added one.  Here we go:
         Rule #1:  Follow directions quickly!
         Rule #2:  Raise your hand for permission to speak.
         Rule #3:  Make smart choices!
         Rule #4:  Be a bucket filler!
         Rule #5:  Keep your dear teacher happy!

6.  My kids loved Have You Filled a Bucket Today.  We did an art project with it. (Pictures coming soon!)

That's all for now!  What were your joys of the week?


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