Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome to a new school year!

I hope you all enjoyed your summer! I don't know about you but summer seemed to FLY by!!!!!  I went into work a week or so before I had to.  I wanted to work in my room! :-)

I have some pics and a video tour of my room.

Ready??? Set!  GO!!!!!!

Stacey's Classroom Tour 2014

*Warning - there is NO audio!*  I also apologize because I was turning way too quickly!  Hope you don't get dizzy!!!!
My Bulletin Board (Inspired by 2 pins that I found on Pinterest of course!)

View from my front door 1

View from my front door 2

View from my front door 3

Right when you walk in my front door is my book corner.  I think it's my favorite part of my room!
Carpet from  Big pillows from Big Lots

The heart light is from Target

Next up is my desk (which is now messy!)
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree and Truffula Tree!

I have books hidden back there

Although there is a box there now, this bookshelf will house items I use during small groups

My reading table

1-120 board made from a shower curtain, duct tape, and sharpie pen.

Sink area

Lunch menu - yes, I'm aware of the fact that my utensils are not in the right spot.  :-)

Computer Center

Whiteboard / bulletin board

Whiteboard on the other side of my bulletin board

Another table that is used for small group instruction

One more pic - view of the room from my closet!

I should point out, I've definitely changed my seating arrangements since this pic was taken!!!

Thanks for touring my room!  Hope you enjoyed it!

Here is to a FANTASTIC school year!!!!!


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