Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fire safety, Halloween, and Elections

We have been having a BLAST in our class!

First, I mentioned in my previous post how we were talking about fire safety.  Here are some pictures of our fire fighter writing / craftivity!

Uh oh!  This one lost a foot!!!

One of my teammates had her students add hoses to it!  It was so cute!
I was originally inspired to do this activity from the Pencils, Glue, & Tying Shoes  blog!

One of my favorite bloggers I follow is Reagan Tunstall!  One of her blog posts from 2013 had all of her bulletin boards in it.  I LOVED her Spiders bulletin board and knew I had to do it with my kiddos!  This is my board from last year.

Here are my pics from this year:

Now my students know that will all our writing crafts, we always do our writing first and then the kids did the art part.  We read some books about spiders.  The students recited facts that they remembered / learned.  As they talked, I wrote the facts on the white board.  The students then chose the ones they wanted to write on their papers.  Afterwards, they made their craft and put it all together! :-)

My students and I also made glow in the dark lanterns which I found here.
I will have to post pictures of that next time as I can't find pictures of the finished product.  Let me tell you though, they were ADORABLE!

I love Election Day activities with my students!  I read 3 books to my kids: Grace for President, Duck for President, and My Teacher for President. Throughout the books, I compared it to a real election.  I then announced that we were going to hold our own election!  The kids wanted to know who was on the ballot so I sad, "Grace, Duck, and.....ME!"  You should have seen and heard their reactions!  It was PRICELESS!!!!!  They were very excited!  Before they could vote, they needed to fill out their voter registration cards!

To help my firsties out with their information, I gave each of them a small card with their information on it.  For their photos, I took a picture of each of them, printed it out, and gave it to them to glue on.  They LOVED it.

I had decorated my room for Election Day.  I had some awesome help from my co-teacher, Jonathan! Even though you can't see it, Jonathan taped off the floor just like they do at the real polling places!

Jonathan's very creative wife made our ballot box!

I also had balloons on every student's seat!

After their cards were filled out it was time to line up to vote!
Jonathan was our electoral judge!

He announced that the polls were open and this is what happened in my class:
One at a time, the students went up to Jonathan.  He took their card, and asked to verify some of the information on there. He then stamped their card AND their hand before giving them their ballot.

Students then came over here to cast their vote.

Then they put their ballot in the box and I gave them each a sticker for voting!

They all had a blast!  Afterwards, Jonathan read out the votes.  We made a graph and the students interpreted the information! 

For those of you wondering, here's how the votes stacked up:
Grace - 0
Duck - 3
Me - 9!   I won! :-)

Afterwards, the students did a writing on why they thought I would make a good President.  I can't wait to read those!

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Until next time!!!

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