Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fabulous 50's

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For several years, I have celebrated the 50th day of school!  It's always a blast.  (I didn't do it last year as I was out that day.)  

Of course I dressed up! :-) 

I even managed to convince my co-teacher to wear one of my extra skirts and other accessories!

I decorated my room:


My boys came in looking SO handsome!  (Some of the boys wanted to wear my extra glasses so I let them!)

I had dresses if my girls wanted to wear them.  Some wanted glasses.  They ALL wanted the necklaces! :-)

Then we had a group shot!

We had a blast today!  (I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures.)
    We compared the 1950's to today.  They were SHOCKED at how there were no computers, cell phones, or cable TV back then.  They also couldn't imagine watching a small tv in black and white for the most part.  We did a picture sort of items from the 1950's and today.

    We counted by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s up to 50.

    We made root beer floats.  Afterwards, they wrote how to make a root beer float and wrote their opinion on if they liked the root beer float or not and why they felt that way.

    Finally, we had a dance party full of 50's music!  I did take a few pics here.

    You can read about 50's day from 2013 here and from 2014 here.

    Thanks for stopping by! :-) 

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