Friday, May 12, 2017

I Love the Caps

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I *unfortunately* know disappointment. I’m a lifelong Redskins fan. (No comments from the haters please.)
While I’ve supported the Caps my whole life, I didn’t really start watching games until I met my husband. We go to a few games each season. We watch games on TV (although not always together!)
I began watching more games and learning even more about hockey after my hubby pointed out TJ Oshie to me during a game we went to and you all know how I feel about him.  
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Just like with the Redskins, I feel tremendous sadness and disappointment whenever the Caps are eliminated from the playoffs. However, I feel extra sad about the Caps losing Wednesday night. Why is this year different from all other years? (I know, sounds like a Passover question!)
The Caps have brought a source of enjoyment and to my classroom. We have bonded so much over our love for them.  My students have not only learned so much about hockey, but learned so much about the Caps! 
  • The majority of my students can tell you every player's name and number. 
  • Some of them even know which position they play or where the players are from. 
  • My students can interpret game stats quite well. (They ask about this several times a week!)
  • They have begged me to take them to a Caps game. Since I can't do that, they beg me to show them hockey clips on YouTube. 
  • Several of my students watch the games with their parents. 
  • One of my students will be signing up to join a youth hockey league. (He is my student that LOVES TJ Oshie and all things hockey related.)
  • My students chose hockey to be the topic of their movie.
Since my students are SO invested in this project, I wanted the Caps to win more than ever! I almost broke down when telling them the news. They were sad. One student asked, "When does hockey season start up again?" (Yay hockey fans!)
I can't even begin to describe the emotions I've been having. I know to some it's just a game. To others, hockey is life. To me, hockey is a learning experience for my students that they will NEVER forget. #CapsFanForLife

To see the process of our project, visit the links below.

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