Saturday, May 20, 2017

It's CRUNCH time!

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I admit, I've been very worried lately.  With each passing day, we are closer to the end of the school year and I am panicking!  There is still so much to do and time is running out!  But, I will stop doubting myself and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

This has been an insanely busy week in hockey movie land!  If you had walked into my room this week, you would have seen MANY things going on!

Gatorade:  My students are VERY observant!  I've shown them hockey clips here and there and they have seen the players drinking Gatorade on the benches.  They decided the players in our movie need Gatorade bottles as well.  I provided them with pictures of Gatorade bottles as well as a whole bunch of random art supplies and they got to work:

I don't know why I don't have more pictures of them in action!  They've made close to a dozen Gatorade bottles!  They are working well together and are encouraging each other along the way.

Lockers:  I had a group of fourth graders come down.  I showed them pictures of the locker rooms.  We looked closely at the different sections of those lockers and decided on dimensions for our lockers.  The first day they worked on this, they measured and cut out their lockers.  They also drew the lines for the different sections.

The second day, they painted the lockers a light brown.

We will finish working on the lockers next week!

Fans in the stands: One of the pieces of scenery we need are fans in the stands.  We came up with a way to make sure everything was as even as possible and they got to work!  They made the lines for the rows and even made stairs!

After making the rows, they started drawing fans.  They didn't just drawn fans though!  Like I said, my students are very observant - they also drew food stands, bathrooms, signs, and other things that I am still discovering!

Side note:  Fourth graders are also making fans in the stands!

Aside from drawings the fans, I'm also incorporating real fan footage!  Once again, The Kindergarten Smorgasboard inspired me with his blog entry on green screen technology!  Between that entry, and something one of the third grade script writers said when she came to critique the script, a BRILLIANT idea formed in my brain:

Use green screen technology to record other people in the school cheering!  Check this out:

Both classes made the signs. I purchased a green screen from Amazon.  With some help from my incredible father in-law, we built a frame for the green screen out of PVC pipe.

We had a dance at school just over a week ago so I put the green screen up and took video of the students and their families cheering! This past week, I opened it up to all the classes in the school.  I had a pretty good response!  Lots of footage to use in our movie!

Sponsors:  Awhile back, the students really got into the advertisements that go around the rink.  They told me on multiple occasions that we needed to have advertisement posters around our rink.  I took a Capitals game day program (with Oshie on the front,) that my friend Eric gave me and picked 15 sponsors from there.  I printed out the logos and my students got to work:

I am SO impressed with how well my kids made these posters!  They were very proud of their work!

Before I close out, if anyone from the Caps organization is reading this, PLEASE view my video!  If you have connections to anyone from the Caps organization, please send that video their way.  Thanks!

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Thank you for visiting!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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